Most exceedingly terrible and best-dressed men: Top 10 records accumulated by GQ

The design world is whimsical and what is “incredible” and “sharp” in July can see you drop out of support for the first class by December.

It appears to be even distinction and fortune can’t get your style.

Session Of Thrones star Kit Harington has been given the questionable respect of being delegated the most exceedingly awful dressed man, as per GQ magazine.

The 30-year-old British on-screen character’s style has been included broadly in web journals and big-name sites.

He was even the subject of GQ’s own web article in July: “Unit Harington Shows You How to Look Sharp This Summer Without Going Near a Suit”.

That article depicted him as a man who “lives in thin pants and common T-shirts in shades of, well, dark and has some really unbelievable hair”.

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