Rani Mukerji there are Stylists Who DressI Finf Hilarious

Rani Mukerji: there are Stylists Who Dress….. I Finf Hilarious

Remember the good old days when people would wear jeans, a jumper, and shoes to the airport? Some would even be seen in tracks and slippers but gone are those days when comfort during travel was the most important thing. Gosh, it feels like such a long time ago. Today, it’s all about trendy airport looks thanks to actors constantly being papped. The entry to the airport has turned into a runway and we spot all our Bollywood celebs dressed from head to toe to catch that flight.

While some actors enjoy dressing up, Rani Mukerji hilariously dissed the whole concept of airport fashion in a conversation with Anushka Sharma on India Today.

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