The Bachelor 2017 The claws are already out as Matty J sets hearts thumping (1)

The Bachelor 2017 The claws are already out as Matty J sets hearts thumping

“WHAT a moll.”
Those are the three words guaranteed to set a reality TV producer’s heart thumping.
One lovely young lady makes the dream come true by uttering the phrase nice and early as The Bachelor, starring Bachelorette-reject Matty J, kicks off on Wednesday night.

Channel 10 bosses will be praying that the show delivers the consistent ratings it has achieved in seasons past. The network faces an uncertain future, working with administrators to stay afloat.
This latest season of The Bachelor comes after viewers have been inundated with dating and relationship shows this year, including Married at First Sight and The Last Resort.

The good news for loyal fans is that the predictable format is intact. More than 20 girls arrive by limo with a well-rehearsed, cringe-worthy stunt designed to catch his attention.

One claims the mere sight of a shirtless Matty had turned her “straight again”.
Another wears a sheer frock which reveals an impressive amount of butt cheek. They’re playing to their strengths.
Matty, to his credit, greets them all sincerely so that no one feels half as foolish as they look. “Wow, I’ve just clocked your dress,” he says (when in doubt, compliment the frock).

Matty J is considered by those who know to be “a catch”. He’s a likable, fit bloke with nice teeth, an income, and a tan. He dresses in slow motion and cuddles nephew George in a way calculated to make ovaries skip a beat. Hot stuff.
Audiences watched his heart break as he was passed over by Georgia Love in The Bachelorette, and wanted to give him a hug.

But hugs, like dating shows, can lead to more. And that’s the goal here.
There’s one small change (not just Osher Gunsberg’s hair, that’s constantly evolving).
The Secret Garden has been added as a place for private discussion, and the girls are frothing for a chance to get in.

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